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Build Up Your Ultimate Home Theater With The RoomPlace

At The RoomPlace, we know that a home theater is a must for many homeowners who are serious about their audio and video. Luckily, there are many ways that you can put one together, using various living room and entertainment pieces to make a home theater that is uniquely you. Let us show you what some of your options are for home theater furniture.

First, you’ll obviously need somewhere for your TV to go, and a great place to start is with an entertainment center. We’re a big fan of the Cortland 4-piece entertainment center, which has rich wood with cherry finish and a simple, elegant design to offer your home. If you like the looks of this option you’ll probably also like the smaller, simpler Cortland 60-inch TV console.

Once you’ve got a spot to put the The Entertainment, you need to have a place to put yourself. Depending on how many people you want to seat in your home theater, you’ll definitely want to start with some kind of cozy, reliable recliner. We suggest the aptly-named Showtime power recliner, which you can get in black or brown. If you want a whole room full of recliners, go for the Matrix Coffee 3-piece Power Living Room, which brings recliner comfort and style to sofa and loveseat configurations. A sofa or a sectional would be a great option as well, though you should definitely go for something cozy and plush, like the Blair Sofa or the Uptown Espresso 2-piece sectional. Also, don’t forget a good ottoman or two for putting your feet up.

There are many ways to build the ultimate home theater. If you need more inspiration or help getting any of these things together, come see us to get an idea of what kind of home theater and living room furniture is in Chicago for you to buy. We hope to see you soon!


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