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Bedroom Collections Are Not Just For Kids!

Though we have many adorable and ingenious sets of furniture for children’s rooms at The RoomPlace, the options don’t end there—we also have plenty of sets for adult bedrooms. Read on below to see just how easy it is to revamp your bedroom with a set of beautiful, well-made pieces that all complement each other. Whether your tastes run traditional or modern—or fall somewhere in between—we think we’ve got just what you’re looking for.

We’ll start with the cool, clean lines and air of Italian style found in the Milano 7-Piece faux leather Queen bedroom, which pulls together the elegance of white leather and shining chrome hardware to create an atmosphere that’s both precise and relaxing. If you wanted something a little darker, then the equally sleek Carrington 7-Piece King bedroom might be more up your alley, with its subtle curved lines, rich espresso-finished woods and silver hardware complementing the sleigh-bed frame design.

For the detail and decadence of something more traditional, take a look at the Beckett 5-Piece Queen bedroom, which brings together deep, warm wood tones with antique gold, inserts and faux stone. If you like multiple materials working together in your furniture designs, then this is definitely the bedroom set for you.

What makes a bedroom set an attractive option is the fact that you don’t have to spend time searching for pieces that adequately match or complement each other—each element in a set is made to work with all the others, so you’ll never have to worry about strange color or design clashes happening.

You won’t find any bunk beds in our adult bedroom collections, but you’ll still have plenty of fun exploring your bedroom furniture options at The RoomPlace!

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