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Learn More About Adjustable Bed Bases at The RoomPlace

Your mattress doesn’t have to just lay there. In fact, at The RoomPlace, we believe it should do more—because some people need a little more support from their beds, whether it’s to soothe a bad back or help with circulation problems. Luckily for them, here at our Chicagoland furniture stores, we’ve got a few excellent choices for those on the lookout for an adjustable base bed.

When you sleep on a flat mattress, depending on how hard it is, your muscles may be tensed and engaged in areas of your body that are curved enough not to come into contact with the mattress when you’re laying flat, like your back or hips. This means you’re not fully relaxed, as many of us like to be in order to sleep peacefully. There are many benefits to sleeping on an adjustable bed, especially for those with these common health issues: acid reflux, sleep apnea, lower back pain, and poor circulation.

The way an adjustable base bed works is by making use of multiple hinges and motors that help move the necessary parts at the push of a button (some even come with a remote, like our standard adjustable base.) If you go the route of the Supreme Twin XL adjustable bed base you get a durable, solid model that can handle up to 500 pounds and even has a massage program built in.

If your bed currently leaves anything to be desired, then maybe it’s time to check out your adjustable options. Paired with the perfect mattress, Chicago area furniture shoppers will love the flexibility and comfort these beds have to offer. And if you’re still not sure, remember that you can always come in to one of our locations to see one in person and learn more from our experienced furniture sales team. 

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