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Also Known as The Sofa For Smaller Spaces: The Loveseat

If you liked our sofa vs. sectional blog post, then you’ll be glad that we’re back again with another seating-related topic! We know how much Americans love sitting (and nice furniture) so if you’re looking for the perfect solution for a smaller space (like a Chicago apartment) then we have a great solution for you: a loveseat. It may not seat as many, but sometimes it’s easier to pair two loveseats or just one with other seating options than trying to fit an entire sofa into a small living room. After all—for all intents and purposes, a loveseat is just a sofa that’s been…squished a little. Read on to learn more about the loveseats available at The RoomPlace.

Your loveseat options range from the armchair-esque to more traditional sofa designs. The Matrix Red Power loveseat is a great example of what two armchairs attached at the hip look like (and check out the Trevor Loveseat, which comes with a USB port!). But if you’re looking for something with a little more elegance, there are plenty of other pieces to choose from.

We particularly like the sophisticated white Marrakesh Loveseat, which will look lovely with some accent pillows or a tasteful throw. The Monte Carlo Loveseat, with its buttoned back and richly carved, scalloped wood accents, will add a touch of decadence that you can enhance with rich textiles. This one also comes with its own matching ottoman. And the Jack Black loveseat, with its monochrome NU Leather upholstery and angular design, will be at home wherever you need it to be.

So what do you think? Stop by one of our many Indiana or Illinois furniture store locations to see the many loveseats available to you in person. We’d love to help you explore your options. Come see us today!



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