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Getting Ready For the Next Big Food Season: Is Your Dining Room Up For The Challenge?

With temperatures falling, many of us find ourselves trading one ‘big-eating’ season for another: summer barbeques and cookouts move indoors, where we’re a little more restricted by what’s available within the walls of our homes. To fully enjoy the bounty of autumn—the harvest of vegetables and fruits, fresh cider, and fall beers—you need a dining room and a kitchen that can handle both the food and the company.

Well, luckily at The RoomPlace we’ve got plenty of options if you’re looking to upgrade to a bigger or just better dining set. If you want a higher table that will keep level with your countertops (while providing a beautifully unique, polished and earthy look) then the marble-veneered Montibello IV counter-height dining table is a great option. For a lower, more urban-looking and polished sit-down level table, the Ariana table will add a dash of sophistication and elegance—add in handcrafted Ariana side chairs to complete the picture and you’ll have a handsome dining set.

Sometimes, just a dining table and chairs isn’t enough. If you’re entertaining a lot of guests, you’ll need additional storage area that you can call up in a snap. A sideboard is the perfect solution—and also can be a great way to inject a little contrast or personality (not to mention extra storage) into your dining area. You can find looks that range from the elegance of this gorgeous marble-topped Monticristo sideboard to the rustic Irina sideboard.

So are you ready for the influx of food and guests that Fall will bring? If not, it’s time to visit The RoomPlace to find the dining room sets that will be up to the task. Stop by one of our many Chicago-area furniture stores today!

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