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Some like it hot: check out the latest summer décor trends

Here at The RoomPlace, we love summer for plenty of reasons. In addition to great furniture sales that allow you to save big on your next Chicago or Indianapolis furniture purchase, summer also offers a whole slew of exciting new décor trends that can help make your home sizzle. Take a look at some of our personal favorites!

Chevron. Bold, angular and instantly recognizable, the zig-zag pattern of chevron can either deliver a big impact or evoke a sense of serenity, depending on how you use it. Contrast colors like black and white give this pattern a more aggressive impression, while chevron in grayscale becomes especially calming.

How to: Incorporate chevron into your living room furniture collection with drapes, cushions or decorative pillows.

Bright colors. This one’s a given, but the fresh and fun-loving vibe of summer is often best expressed by a spirited palette. Bold shades of tangerine, lime and electric blue inject plenty of party into any décor.

How to: With a color like hot pink, a little goes a long way. Limit the expression to home accents like a side table or funky lamp, or try something new, like translucent colored glassware.

Neutrals. This may seem like a contradiction given the trend listed above, but bear with us! The organic nature of colors like cream, ivory and oatmeal create a lovely sense of chic sophistication, and allow you to add texture and dimension to a room without going overboard. Plus, the contrast between neutrals and bright colors will do wonders for livening up your home’s aesthetic appeal.

How to: The best way to do neutrals is to go all out. Begin with fresh paint and custom window treatments, work your way through chair and sofa upholstery, and then add those brighter finishing touches.

Globetrotting. Who said your home had to be the boring place you return to AFTER all your exciting adventures and vacations? Draw inspiration from some of your favorite travels and cultures to spice up your décor – you’ll feel like you’re on vacation just lounging about on your living room furniture.

How to: Combine looks from multiple destinations to set an eclectic, exotic scene in your dining room or bedroom, and always save maps from your holidays to incorporate into your décor at a later date.

For more information about summer décor trends or Chicago interior design in general, please don’t hesitate to contact The RoomPlace store nearest you. Better yet, swing by your local furniture store to speak with a professional in person today! We look forward to working with you soon.

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