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Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Gift from The RoomPlace

When Mother’s Day comes around each year, we all get excited about showing the moms in our lives the love and appreciation they deserve day in and day out. But sometimes, coming up with unique ways to express that affection can be challenging.

By this time, you probably know what your mom likes and what she doesn’t like, and you’ve probably fallen into that classic gift-giving routine. As much as she loves those standard Mother’s Day flowers, jewelry and handmade cards, going through the same ol’-same ol’ every year can get boring. Your mom would probably appreciate a little creativity this Sunday! If you’re interested in mixing it up for Mother’s Day 2013, the teams at our furniture stores suggest celebrating with a little home makeover – The RoomPlace edition.

For the new mom: Whether you’ve got kids on the way, they just arrived or they’re well into their toddler years, being a new parent is beyond exhausting. Attack that head-on by finding the perfect cozy recliner for the new mama in your life. She might not have time to enjoy a full night’s sleep, so squeezing in a nap on living room furniture like our plush Devon Chocolate Rocker Recliner might be the best she can do, and you want it to be as comfy as possible! Check out the Blair Recliner for a larger, more inviting option, or our sleek and trendy Viper Power Recliner for something a little more space-friendly.

For the veteran: The mom who has been around the block a few times has got parenting down to a science. Between running endless errands, giving a big presentation at work, moving her grownup teenager into college or hosting her high-schooler’s track team for a spaghetti dinner, home decorating might be the last thing on her mind – though not necessarily by choice. She’s got it together, but even the highest-quality living room or dining room furniture collection needs a little flair to truly complete the ambiance. Check out the selection of home accents available at our furniture stores, where you’ll find classy occasional tables or uniquely stylish lighting to help your veteran mom add the finishing touches to an almost-perfect room.

For the empty-nester: With the kids off to college, off building their careers or off starting families of their own, the empty-nester has plenty of room to breathe! Of course, after raising kids for decades, it’s certainly possible that the interior décor might need a little updating to better reflect a home that no longer needs to worry about messy children or careless teens – and for a taste that’s all her own rather than one that must cater to that of everyone else in the family. This Mother’s Day, why not deliver the works? Your empty-nester mom could probably use a whole room full of new furniture! Take a look at the dining room sets, bedroom collections, and living room furniture arrangements we have to offer here at The RoomPlace, and help this mama make over her house the way she’s wanted to for years.

At the end of the day, nobody knows your mom like you do. If you don’t like what you’ve seen here, feel free to browse through the rest of the home furniture accents, sets and collections within the extensive selection available at The RoomPlace furniture store nearest you. Regardless of how you end up celebrating, the whole team here at The RoomPlace wishes all our moms a very happy Mother’s Day!

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