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Accent Chairs- an easy and affordable way to jazz up your space

Accent chairs are a very simple way to make any living space more interesting.  If you have always wanted a nice place to relax and read, try adding side by side accent chairs with a small table in between into an open space.  This could even work for the "dead space" often found in bedrooms or a hallway.  These chairs are most often used in living rooms to connect space or create more sitting room.  When choosing an accent chair, you first want to decide if you want this to blend in to the room or if this is a good opportunity to use a stand-out color or pattern to create more pizzazz in your space.  If you do decide to go with a more neutral color to blend into the current room, this can be a perfect opportunity to add a colorful toss pillow to make it a bit more trendy.  These can easily be changed out for a new look.  

Make sure that you consider how you want to use the chair when selecting a design.  If it is for a reading nook, perhaps you'll want something bigger and cozier.  If it is to enhance a current living room space, a sleeker chair might be a better fit. 

If you favor luxurious modern style, then turn your attention to our Alexis chair and ottoman set. The curved bases and multiple tufted details are rivaled only by the contrast of chocolate faux leather and beige faux suede. Both fabrics are soft and smooth to the touch, and the angled wooden legs keep everything in check visually.  This chair is available in several colors to suit your style.


Our Betsy accent chair will be the perfect modern pattern splash to your contemporary décor. The beautiful and soft to the touch cowhide animal print fabric in contrasting white and brown can bring together all the pieces in your living space. The solid hardwood frame provides stability and support, while the 1.5 foam density seat cushions with zig-zag springs provide comfort. Floor protectors make this chair appropriate for any floor surface. The Betsy chair is an accent piece that will stand out and enhance the look of your living room.

Whatever direction you decide to go, The RoomPlace will have a style that is right for you.  


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