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10 Spring Decorating Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Warmer weather, fresh fashion trends, nights spent cheering on your kid’s little league team – whatever you love most about spring, the changing of the seasons is almost always a welcome occurrence this time of year. And here at The RoomPlace furniture stores, we have one more thing to add to that list: up-and-coming ideas for interior design, in vogue for spring 2013.

  1. Hot hues: As usual, the quickest way to shake up any home décor is by introducing a new color scheme. Trending palettes for spring 2013 include tangerine orange, indigo blue, bright pink, crisp white, soft green, and vivid yellow.
  2. Flower power: Just because it’s predictable doesn’t mean it has to be cliché. A staple for any fresh spring décor, floral prints and homemade bouquets are timeless classics that bring a lovely natural ambiance to all rooms of the home.
  3. French mystique: Oval-backed chairs, weathered oak, and upholstery in aqua or sage can infuse your living room or dining room sets with that elusive French allure. French décor is always in style, but spring is the perfect time to introduce a little romance into your furniture selection.
  4. Graphic design: Computer-generated photorealist fabrics have been taking the runways by storm lately, and industry insiders expect upholstery trends to head in a similar direction soon – right into your living room furniture collection.
  5. Bold brass: What better partner to the brighter, more saturated colors of spring than the metallic lacquer of brass metal? Headboards, picture frames, interior lighting – brass is plenty versatile, and it’s affordable to boot.
  6. Graceful elegance: Classic fabrics with pretty prints are perfect for springtime, when everything seems like it’s blooming and new colors are cropping up everywhere. Whether it’s cloth napkins for the dining room or new upholstery for your living room sofa, elegant designs bring sophistication to interior décor.
  7. Homey comfort: Anything that helps make your atmosphere a little cozier will be in-style this season. Promoting a kind of organic modernism with warm contemporary materials that manage to look vintage and familiar, this trend could include irregular floors, weathered materials, crackle-glazed tiles – anything that appears handmade and heartfelt.
  8. Antique furniture: Exquisite old wooden furniture blends beautifully with a more modern décor. And while searching through thrift stores for genuine antique furniture will likely save you tons of cash, you can find newer (and perhaps more durable) furniture that has been designed with that same old-fashioned style at any local furniture store.
  9. Glammed-up countryside: Thanks to popular television shows like “Downton Abbey” and upcoming movies like “The Great Gatsby,” interior design is expected to shift under the influence of period dramas and the Roaring Twenties. Think English country house with a bit of sparkle, provided by mirrored chests, parlor sofas and pillows embellished with beads or silver.
  10. Strong statements: There’s nothing like a well-orchestrated room full of matching furniture and styles to warm the cockles of your heart, but sometimes what a room really needs is a bit of drama. A statement piece could be anything from a unique armchair to a robust dresser, but it always demands attention with its own special character.

Regardless of the month, season or year, furniture trends are always evolving, recycling and trailblazing. But when you choose The RoomPlace, you can rest assured that your home décor will always feature stylish furniture at affordable prices. Visit The RoomPlace furniture store nearest you to revamp your own collection of home furniture today!

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