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Watch The RoomPlace on ChicagonistaLIVE


On Tuesday April 9th, ChicagonistaLIVE aired their show live from the newst RoomPlace location in McHenry.

Chicagonista (pronounced Chicago-neesta: meaning smart, hip social butterflies that seem to do it all effortlessly in style). Joined together with talented and dynamic collaborators from diverse Chicago neighborhoods and backgrounds.  

They covered a range of Chicago hot topics, and new social media & tech news.  Along with Brian Shay and Cindy Emerman from The RoomPlace, the show offered tips and ideas to beautify your home, learning FengShui,and they had a few social media mavens talking about their Spring home shape-up needs.  

We were thrilled to offer two lucky viewers a giveaway of $250 gift cards to be used at The RoomPlace.  

The show was a huge success.  Make sure to watch it right here:

Thanks to all of our viewers and the Chicagonista team for making the show a huge success!

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