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Avoid a Daylight Saving Time Disaster with Help from The RoomPlace!

Back in November, The RoomPlace posted a blog about how you could brighten up your home as the days grew shorter and darker with the end of Daylight Saving Time 2012. And while consistent snowstorms may have Chicago furniture shoppers feeling like it’s January instead of March, believe it or not, we’re finally approaching on the spring season. After a long, cold, slushy couple of months here in the Midwest, last weekend marked the beginning of Daylight Saving Time 2013.

Most of our customers were probably overjoyed when setting their clocks one hour ahead at 2am on Sunday, March 10, knowing it meant that longer, warmer days are not far away. But what some of our customers might not know is that the beginning of Daylight Saving Time often coincides with various risks and health problems.

According to The Forum at Harvard School of Public Health, 1.5 billion people losing even just one hour of sleep this past Sunday night increased the potential for automotive accidents the following week (that’s this week!) by up to 17 percent. Equally alarming are findings that report a potential 5 percent increase in heart attacks during the week following this seemingly insignificant loss of sleep. Jeez, who knew our bodies were so sensitive?

Regardless of how many fewer hours of sleep you were able to enjoy last weekend, loss of sleep in general can have serious consequences for your health. If you’ve been experiencing insomnia lately, it might be time to look into a solution. Of course, these could come in many forms, but the team at The RoomPlace suggests a new mattress!

We have many options for anyone seeking Chicago king mattresses, full mattresses near Schaumburg, or twin-size mattresses for the kids, so please stop by The RoomPlace furniture store nearest you to pick out your new mattress. With a wide selection of all your favorite mattress brands like Comfort Solutions, Dormia, Medallion, and Simmons, we’re happy to help you pick out the best mattresses for you and your family. We’ll even take the hassle out of buying a new mattress thanks to our stellar delivery service and affordable prices.

So if you’re concerned about a post-Daylight Saving Time disaster, just contact The RoomPlace. We’ll help you maintain your sleep, safety, and health – and what could be more important than that?

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