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Furniture has come a long way in the last 50 years

How Fun… Look what we found! Here is an old ad of ours from 1956… I bet that FREE TV give away was a black & white…

In 1956 I bet they thought by 2013 we would have space travel, moving side walks, talking to people through our watch and TV's would be tiny to huge; but super thin..

  • We have people in space (Check)
  • Moving sidewalks at the airports (Check)
  • Tiny cell phones, earpieces and yes, even a watch phone (Check)
  • TV's, well yes we did that too. (Check)

Furniture design sure has changed in the last 57 years. Living room furniture configurations changed and became much more comfortable. With television becoming more of a center piece in every living room the furniture started to be made for that purpose. Comfort meant softer seating and reclining mechanisms. Sectionals now have chaises attached or separate.. You can even find sofa and love seats with recliners in them. With technology advances you can even have power recliners or power massage and speakers in your furniture. You will even see some living room sectionals and sofas with built in coolers for your drinks. Home Theater has created a whole new group of furniture.2, 3, 4 and 5 or more seats; all reclining and attached. You will usually find a cup holder in each one of these comfortable movie chairs.

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