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How to Spread a Little Love around Your Home

With tempting chocolate displays, flowers galore, and oversized stuffed animals dominating every store you’ve entered in the past few weeks, it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here at The RoomPlace furniture stores, we understand that the imminent holiday probably brings a mixture of delighted excitement and “oh brother” groans amongst those looking for furniture in Indianapolis and the greater Chicago area. So we’ll try to keep this post as cliché-free as possible!

Instead of marking February 14th by decorating your house with those staple cutout cupids and paper chains of red and pink hearts, try creating this year’s romantic Valentine’s Day ambiance with one of these slightly more subtle tricks.

  • Exchange those pink and red hearts for some gentler pink and red tones. Love is in the air when you infuse your living room with the alluring hues of lavender, amethyst, lilac, and plum. Try highlighting these colors in a soft flower arrangement, new lampshade or provocative candelabra, or invest in a jewel-toned-framed Venetian mirror for the foyer.
  • Bring out the fine china. Nothing says romance like breaking out the china dishware for an intimate meal by candlelight. If your grandmother’s china has been gathering dust in a box in your closet, romanticizing the home might be the best excuse to invest in a brand-new china cabinet that will give them all the attention they deserve.
  • Make it sparkle. It’s easy to create a romantic glow without going overboard. Try hanging some crystal sconces between your dining room windows so they catch the natural light, or select a glass lamp like this Jolisa table lamp from the Chloe Collection to make your living room really shine.
  • Don’t forget the details. What could be more romantic than luxurious linens and a beautiful ornate headboard, like the one on this king bed from the Santa Cruz Collection? The best kind of sensuality is comfort, so plump up some pillows and add some velvet or silk materials for some truly relaxed bedroom charm.

Between our 21 locations throughout Indianapolis and Chicago, furniture shoppers and interior design connoisseurs should be able to find all the inspiration they need when they shop at The RoomPlace. With a wide selection of living room and dining room sets, kids’ bedroom collections, and various home accents, our IL and IN furniture stores have plenty to offer! For all your affordable furniture and home decorating needs, count on The RoomPlace furniture stores to deliver.

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