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Recliners are great for relieving stress.  They can also help people who are suffering from back pain.  Unlike normal chairs, which focus the forces of gravity on the small of the back and the feet, recliners distribute gravity evenly around the body while lifting the entire body from the ground. This process pushes the weight of the upper body into the back of the chair instead of the lower back. The upper back also is relieved because instead of pressing back on one point, the weight is distributed evenly allowing the back muscles to relax instead of forcing them to hold a certain posture. 

Power recliners can be an even better choice for people with back pain because the positions are endless.  With an electric motor inside, the chair can be put into any position with just the touch of a button.  These chairs can work in many rooms of your home whether it is part of a complete living room set or perhaps in your bedroom to create a nice relaxing area to read or watch television.  

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