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Come Out of Hibernation To Revamp Your Dining Room


Many of us give in to the winter impulse to hibernate, burying our heads or curling up somewhere warm and out of the way, the very thought of going out into the cold and expending energy to run errands or do chores making us shiver. But it doesn’t have to be that way! The winter is a great time to get things done, because when the warmer temperatures of spring come around you’re more prepared to open up your home and embrace the new season. Plus, you can get renovations and other chores off of your to-do list before the seasons turn, when you’ll already have plenty to do: putting winter clothing into storage, taking down the storm windows, and cleaning and opening up your home to the warmer weather.

For some, it may make more sense to redesign the dining room before the big end-of-the-year eating holidays, but if you just don’t have it in you to take on another big project leading up to that, then the post-New Year’s lull is the perfect time to take advantage of sales and an open schedule to revamp the dining room. A lot happens in that room: daily family meals, parties, holiday celebrations. So it’s very important to put a lot of thought into planning the new room and picking out your furniture.

There are several styles you can make use of in your new dining room. A dining room set like the Bradbury 5 Piece Dining Room boasts intricate, romantic-inspired carved designs, but your options can also include the more modern, clean lines of the Ariana 5 Piece dining room. To meet the two in the middle, the Sonya 5-piece dining room set takes the best of both worlds to create a plush yet clean approach.

If you’re ready to update your dining room, come find the RoomPlace location nearest you. From Evanston to Tinley Park, affordable furniture can be had for anyone in the Chicago area. 

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