Celebrating 100 Years at the Distribution Center

Celebrating 100 Years is definitely a company-wide celebration. Pride runs deep at The Room Place and our Distribution Center definitely shows that.

Our Men and Women at our DC are responsible for all the furniture coming in from our vendors and going out to our valued customers. These hardworking Room Place employees are responsible for over 300,000 square feet of warehouse. Every day they are receiving, stocking, shipping, building and delivering to our customers’ homes.

To say that our Distribution Center employees are hardworking people with great attitudes and plenty of pride is really an understatement. If you were to step into the warehouse you would see what makes The Room Place GREAT! Just stepping in you will be in awe from the sheer size of the place. Then you will be pleasantly surprised by the efficiency, cleanliness and magnitude of furniture being built, moved and shipped. What is most impressive is seeing how smooth everything runs and the passion and pride each and every person has in their job. We even have a group of DC employees that have been with the company 20+ years and many more that are inching their way up to 20. You just don’t see longevity anywhere unless there is a reason to stay.

With our company celebrating 100 Years this year we all have something to be prideful of, a reason to stay… Pride, passion and a good dose of fun can be found throughout The Roomplace. Just look inside any of our 21 showrooms, our Distribution Center or customer service and you will meet the people that make buying furniture from the Roomplace great. The exceptional teams at The Roomplace and our fantastic customers are how we are able to even celebrate 100 Years.. And we will never lose sight of that!!

The Roomplace is proud to be family owned for the last 100 Years and we look forward to another 100 Years bringing beautiful, quality furniture into each and every customers home.

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