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This is my story

My husband and I recently purchased the 2PC Geovani sofa/loveseat. After about a month, both chairs on the loveseat started slightly sagging to the right. I called the store and a technician came out to inspect it. We were not pleased with his response (it’s supposed to be like that), so I contacted the store and spoke with Customer Loyalty Relations Manager, Letha Holland.


Needless to say; I was heated. I explained the situation and she was like an angel in disguise. She was compassionate and extremely attentive to my needs and was able to get me another loveseat delivered the next day. Unfortunately, the right side of that loveseat felt worn also.


I contacted Letha Holland again and she not only had another one delivered the next day, she also emailed me pictures of her sitting on 3 new loveseats from the warehouse of my choice. She kept in close contact with me until the furniture actually arrived at my home.  This woman was AWESOME!


Thanks to Letha’s assistance; a bad situation was turned into a good news story. She truly is an example of what “GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE” looks like. The Room Place is lucky to have her.

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