Stellar Customer Experience

We really enjoyed our customer experience when we purchased our living room set over a year ago, but after experiencing the dedication of the individuals at the Room Place for customer loyalty, we are sold!

When we purchased our leather couch, we opted to purchase the extended warranty. While it covers a lot of common issues, apparently the company that provides the warranty coverage does not cover damage done by Labrador Retriever puppy teeth. Needless to say, we were disappointed and frustrated.

Leetha, a customer loyalty representative, took my call center call and jumped into action. She listened, understood our problem, and creatively solved the problem by "thinking outside of the box." She found that our local Indy Warehouse could perform the basic repair and assured me that while it might not be perfect, she thought it would help. Indeed it did. Where we thought we were "stuck" with a unsightly problem, the local warehouse repaired it beyond our expectations. We were without our couch for a day or so, but were so pleased that they actually LISTENED, HAD COMPASSION, and set to SOLVE our problem

Here, Here to real-live people helping other real-live people. Corporations are often accused of leaning into their "policies" and are very good at apologizing and providing "fake compassion" with heavy laden call center scripts. It was refreshing to experience someone genuinely trying to help and solve my problem.

The Room Place has earned our life-long business and I hope yours as well!

 Bart C.
Indianapolis,  Indiana


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