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How to operate reclining furniture:

• As this product has many moving parts, serious injury can occur if not used properly. Keep hands, fingers and body parts away from the mechanism. To reduce the risk of head entrapment and other injuries, keep children and pets away from openings and moving parts in and around furniture. Closely supervise children and disabled persons using this product.

• Only the occupant should operate the unit. Never attempt to open the leg rest by pulling on it. Do not stand, sit or place extra weight on the arm, back or open leg rest. To safely exit the unit and prevent a tripping hazard, bring the back upright and close the leg rest.

• Use care when moving the product, always lift it. Before lifting, disconnect the electrical plug from the wall outlet and secure the mechanism to prevent unexpected opening or movement. Never move the product by the mechanism, leg rest, handle, reclining back or swivel base. Disconnect modular units. Securely grip non-moving parts only.

• Check the condition of the power transformers, electrical cords, plugs and connectors monthly. Keep the power transformer and electrical cords away from heat sources. Never operate the unit with a damaged power transformer, electrical cord, plug or connector.

• Do not allow electrical cord to be pinched between moving parts or between the frame and the floor. Do not place cord under carpet or in a location where it could become worn. Unplug the power cord immediately if you detect strange odors or fumes coming from the chair.

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