Protect Your Mattresses – Great Tips from The RoomPlace

It is important to care for your new mattress surface so that it lasts for years to come. Here are suggestions to help you protect your investment.

• The use of proper center supports for queen and king-sized bedding is required to validate your warranty. You can ensure you have the proper center support by purchasing a new bed frame with your mattress. This will safeguard the maximum benefit from your new mattress set.

• Allow your new bedding to air out. Residual odors from the manufacturing process may be present at first. They are not harmful and will go away with time.

• Use The RoomPlace high-quality washable mattress protector (cotton or fleece) to keep your mattress clean, stain-free and keep your warranty valid.

• Expect body impressions to form in the surface padding. They are normal and indicate layers are molding to your body contours.

• Take time to adjust to your new mattress. It can take several weeks.

• Do not remove the law label from your mattress. This is needed to identify your appropriate warranty coverage.

• Single-sided innerspring mattresses are designed for rest on one side only and cannot be flipped. An occasional rotation will equalize wear and extend the comfort life.

• We suggest using a boxspring from the same mattress manufacturer to validate warranty.

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