Keep your Upholstery Pieces Looking Their Best – From The RoomPlace

Taking proper care of your new upholstered furniture will help keep it looking beautiful for many years. Over time, quality cushioning conforms to your particular shape adding a personal look to your upholstered home furnishings. Your cushions may feel firmer than those in our showroom. They will become more comfortable with each use. Please don’t confuse normal softening and flattening that may occur with actual loss of foam resilience.3 Piece Upholstery Sectional

To keep your upholstery pieces looking their best…

• "Fluff" pillows and loose cushions with each use. Seat cushions should be flipped occasionally. (Don’t forget to vacuum underneath.) To extend the life of a piece, rotate cushions whenever possible. Some "pillowtop" seating may develop comfort wrinkles which are natural and actually add to the overall casual comfort of the piece.

• Vacuum all upholstery once a week with a brush attachment.

• Pilling is normal for all fabrics when they shed their excess fiber. Using a fabric shaver will remove unwanted pills.

• Direct sunlight, heat and moisture should be kept away from upholstery as fading and discoloration may occur.

• Keep pets off furniture. Pet urine and pet body oil can be difficult to remove.

• Professionally clean your furniture once a year.

• When moving your furniture, always lift it. Please do not drag or push your furniture. This could damage your furniture and your floor.

• When a spill occurs, it is important to clean the fabric immediately. The longer a spot remains, the harder it is to remove.

• Never sit on the end of an open sleeper or arms of furniture.

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