The RoomPlace Mattress Q&A: What are the types of mattresses available at The RoomPlace?

Periodically, we will highlight a Q&A about mattresses and the options available from The RoomPlace. Visit one of our 22 furniture and mattress store locations today and speak to a mattress expert! 

: What are the types of mattresses available at The RoomPlace?

Innerspring, memory foam and latex foam.

Innerspring Mattresses are composed of precisely configured coil springs (made of tempered steel) and many different qualities of foam (padding), which work together to support weight and comfortably your body throughout the night. The combination of coil springs and foam limits the stress that is put on pressure points such as hips and shoulders during sleep.

Memory Foam Mattresses are denser than other types of foam mattresses and are a great option if you need more support.  Memory Foam Mattresses are comprised of temperature sensitive foams which conform to the body and help to limit motion separation.

Latex Foam Mattresses have a different cell structure than memory foam mattresses, which make them more breathable and are by nature hypo-allergenic.  Latex is an eco-friendly, biodegradable product, made from the rubber tree.  Latex easily contours the body, but is not prone to lasting body impressions.

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