I needed to share this experience, as it was absolutely amazing.
I travel extensively on business quite a bit, and in my haste failed to make a significant purchase in time to take advantage of a special sale.

Lupita, at the Algonquin location, took my call, and as I explained to her my predicament and expecting a significant amount of trouble and push-back asked for my purchase to be completed over the phone with the sales price that I missed, honored. To my amazement, she her assistance to help and made my day by assisting me with my purchase over the phone, honoring the sales price that I missed. It was the most easy transaction and experience I’ve had in recent times with any retail.

I just wanted to say thanks for exceeding my expectations, putting customer satisfaction and experience at the top of the list, and really make things easy for me, as I’ve been so busy with life and work in general.

So a big thank you to Lupita and the Room Place team!!

Keith Goldman

Name: Keith Goldman
City: Lake Villa
State: Illinois

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