The Best Sofas Have Quality Frames

How long a sofa will last and retain its shape largely depends on the frame as the frame provides structural support.  Turn over the sofa and look underneath – what do you see?

  • Quality frames are made from solid wood. Usually plywood and particleboard frames are inferior especially if they are held together with staples.  Additional layers of plywood may help reinforce the frame, so construction mattress as much as material.
  • In a good quality frame, special attention is paid to the joints, which are glued, dowelled and screwed.  The corners should also have reinforcing blocks to provide additional support.
  • The best sofas have a sturdy frame and should sit squarely on the floor and should not wobble or creak.  Make sure the legs of the sofa are sturdy.

Visit your local RoomPlace furniture store and learn more about quality sofas.

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