Comfortable Living Rooms

You’ve selected furniture that suits your lifestyle and it’s been delivered to your home – now what?  Now, the fun part!  It’s time to decorate your living room to make it comfortable and relaxing.

Your home decor style is unique to you and what you love –  from traditional to contemporary to modern country. Your furniture should resemble your personal tastes and style preferences. The use of accent pieces and accessories can bring this style to life.  For example, art, rugs and pillows can influence an entire room’s scheme.  If you don’t know where to start, take your favorite item in the room – that item you can’t live without – and build the room from there.  Maybe you have a favorite piece of art that has beautiful blue and green color hues. Opt for yellow pillows on your sofa or sectional and complementing blue vase for fresh flowers. Use other decorative items that have similar color shades and scatter them throughout the room.

Designing a room to match your tastes and lifestyle is not a science. Arrange, rearrange and let your instincts create the space.  When all else fails, bring in the reinforcements – mom, sister, friend and neighbor. 

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