3 Important Tips for Selecting a Dining Room Table

When shopping for a new dining room table, keep it simple with 3 important elements:

1. Use – How you will use it? Do you enjoy daily meals with your family?  Do you often entertain friends and loved ones around the table?
2. Size – Measure your dining area, space or kitchen to know what size and shape table will fit in the room.
3. Style – Do you prefer a casual table or formal dining set?  Do you want a style that is contemporary, modern or traditional?

Casual Dining  |  The Monticristo Collection First, think about how your table is currently used.  Does it serve as a place for quick meals as well as a study area for the kids?  Is it used for a group of 3 or a group of 6? Knowing how you plan to use the dining room table will help you decide color, material, finishes. and the overall look of the dining set.

Second, measure your dining area, space or kitchen so that you understand what will fit. Dining room tables available at The RoomPlace comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Whether you are looking for a round, casual pub table with chairs or a more traditional, elegant rectangular table, The RoomPlace has options to suit your lifestyle. When you speak to a sales associate at The RoomPlace, tell them the dimensions of your dining area and they will find the best option to suit your room. If you need extra seating for guests purchase a table with an leaf and chairs that will allow for more space and seating. The RoomPlace has a variety of tables to choose for your dining room.

Third, know your style!  While you may love the elegant look of a formal dining room set, the design and layout of your eating area may be more casual. Keep in mind the overall aesthetics of your dining area. 

At the end of the day, you want a dining area that will make your family feel comfortable and guests feel welcome.  Visit any of our 22 stores in Illinois or Indiana to find the perfect table for your home.

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