What you Should Look for in Quality Furniture

Dovetail construction is an important feature in a quality furniture.  Shopping for high quality furniture can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to look for. There are many different types of construction techniques used in producing a quality piece of furniture, especially drawers. At The RoomPlace we will help you understand the differences so that you can make a well-informed furniture decision. Below you will find helpful terminology and explanations of the current joining methods used in the construction of drawers.

A dovetail is a form of locking joints that looks very similar to a puzzle piece. One board has flared protrusion, which fits into a matching flared hole in the adjoining board. Most drawers often use a multi dovetail because of its durability.

Below are a few pictures that display the two types of dovetails that are utilized in quality furniture manufacturing today. 

  • English Dovetail

  • French Dovetail

Dovetail construction is an important feature that is used to make quality furniture. This type of construction adds strength and durability and is noted for its resistance to being pulled apart. Visit your local Roomplace store and one of our sales consultants will guide you through the purchase of a quality furniture set.

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