Take Your Home from Drab to Fab

Brown Sectional SofaWant to create a whole new effect in your living room or media room? With a few small and easy changes, you can alter the look of your home decor and offer guests a fresh and inviting environment when they walk into your home.

One easy way to make a design statement is to rearrange your artwork. Visually appealing walls can frame living areas and tie your home accessories and decor together to make a statement. When you want to take a room from drab to fab, place mirrors and paintings in unexpected places, such as above doors, grouped together or in asymmetrical patterns.
Another easy way to transform a room is to accessorize. Fresh flowers, for example, bring beauty and fragrance to your home. A few books placed strategically on coffee tables and end tables allow you to reflect your personal interests while offering a welcoming atmosphere. As a gardener, I love to include my favorite flower and veggie books on tables throughout my family room, and then display select harvest in favorite vases and baskets. It makes my home feel like an extension of my personality and can be a real conversation starter when guests visit.
The Hamilton Collection Cocktail Table
Lastly, use coffee tables or cocktail tables to add visual appeal to any living area and use them to help you stay organized. The right-sized table with a basket to group remote controls, magazines and other small items is a simple way to stay organized and show off a different style in your room. Our Hamilton Cocktail Table (pictured to the right) is a perfect example of a table that supplies storage and display space to hold books and accessories with charm and style. 

Our furniture professionals can show you how to enhance your living space with home furnishings and décor that make your house a home. Visit us today.

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