Simple Tips for Dorm Dwellers

If your children are preparing to head back to campus this fall, then chances are you are looking for creative solutions for their dorm or studio apartment.  Living Rooms  |  The Jazzi Collection  |  Chaise w/Audio Panel Help your dorm dweller add modern style to their soon-to-be home away from home.

Condensing an entire bedroom into a small(er) dorm room or apartment doesn’t mean you have to give up style and design. Our Jazzi chaise lounge, shown to the left is dorm-friendly and offers stylish design with it’s MP3 compatibility.  In general, it’s important to remain flexible with your home furnishings. Look for items that can serve double duty. For example, a drop leaf table can easily double as a computer workstation and a place to enjoy breakfast before a long day of lectures.

Shelving is essential in smaller living areas. Using wall space can create additional areas for storage and keep clutter at bay. If this is your child’s first year in a dorm or small apartment, just remember to keep it simple. Creating a comfortable personal space is easy with affordable furniture from The RoomPlace. Visit our showroom today.

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