Types of Upholstery Fabrics for Living Room Furniture

The living room is a place for sharing good times with friends and family. The sofa and loveseat are often the most important parts when creating a cozy, comfortable living room. The materials that upholster this beloved family seating include: microfiber, chenille, jacquard, damask and leather.

Microfiber upholstery is most commonly made of extremely thin fibers of polyester. The fabric’s density creates durability with the look and feel of suede but without suede’s heavy weight. Microfiber resists wrinkling, hangs nicely and is comfortable for any kind of climate.  Perfect for families with young children!

The Palmer Collection  |  Dual Reclining Sofa

The chenille sofa is upholstered with chenille fabric that is similar in feel to velvet. It is soft and luxurious providing cushiony comfort for sitting and lying down. Chenille is a perfect option for anyone that wants a soft, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

The Lakeview Collection Sofa

Jacquards are a heavier type of fabric that is woven into patterns and often have unique designs like flowers or brocades.   With a stately design, Jacquard fabrics are perfect for style-savvy home dwellers.

The Woodrow Collection Sofa by Cindy Crawford

Damasks are somewhat similar in design to Jacquard, but they are formed from a silky material with the appearance of drapery fabric. It is most commonly patterned with flowers and leaves with the fabric itself made from rayon, acetate or polyester. Chic and stylish, damasks are for the fashion-forward fashionista!

The Rado II Collection  |  Sofa

Leather is one of the strongest natural upholstery fabrics available. Its durability makes it ideal for covering furniture and leather is virtually tear resistant. Because it breathes, leather stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Leather is easy to maintain, and clean.  

The Alora Collection  |  2 Pc. Sectional

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