Make Your Walls Stand Out

Looking for a way to make the walls of your home POP?  Go for a 3-D effect!  Yes, 3-D wallpaper coverings are the fastest growing of all residential wallpapers, says a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. Tactile, dimensional and embellished wall coverings were historically found in large-scale commercial projects such as high-end, corporate offices or grand estates.

Now, decorators, designers and women like you and me are opting for wall coverings with shimmery details – recycled glass, mother of pearl and shimmery crystals – for their home decor.  Perfect for accent walls, powder rooms and ceilings, wall coverings made of shimmery materials complement modern furniture designs.
York Wall Coverings
For a more natural look, opt for bamboo fiber coverings or leaf grass cloth wallpaper.  As York Wall coverings so eloquently describes it, wall coverings are add texture without distraction and glamour without glitz. Preview some great options at the following companies:

Brewster Wallcoverings
Astek Wallcoverings
York Wallcoverings

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