Getting Rid of Clutter in House Decor

The kitchen in many homes becomes a favorite spot for dropping off items when family members enter or leave, and if not carefully controlled, it can become an unsightly mess of papers and other objects that clutter counters and make the room less than comfortable for dining or socializing.

The right piece of furniture added to this space can help keep clutter out of sight and streamline your kitchen so that it can go back to being that comfortable place for eating cookies and milk after school or chatting after a long day of work.

Hailey DeskChoosing a large desk to put along one kitchen wall or even adding to a large laundry room can help to keep disorder out of the kitchen. Having a large desktop space for spreading out when working on projects will be helpful to keep it off the dining table set, and make sure whatever desk you choose has lots of drawers for those little items that congregate everywhere and take up space. Adding shelves with baskets is also helpful, and assigning one basket to each member of the family so they can place the items they carry in each day will keep everyone organized and keep clutter at bay.

A big bulletin board above the desk or on a wall nearby will also help organize everyone’s schedules for appointments, after school activities and important homework assignments.  A low bookshelf added in small nook areas will handle additional baskets for paperwork, gloves, backpacks or even shoes to keep them from creating messy walk ways.

Take back your kitchen space for cooking and eating by finding the perfect desks and bookcases for your house decor at any of our Illinois and Indiana furniture showrooms.

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