Furniture Shopping if FUN in Northern Indiana.

What’s great about furniture shopping in Northern Indiana?  The wonderful staff at The RoomPlace! Here are a few reasons The RoomPlace makes furniture shopping fun!

1.  We have friendly, knowledgeable Sales Associates!  A good Sales Associate will be able to show you what is unique about the furniture sets you’re looking for and help you understand the quality of the furniture as it compares to similar ones found elsewhere.  They will also help coordinate colors and fabrics!   The RoomPlace has a knowledgeable staff and a very relaxed environment to keep furniture shopping FUN

2. Dissect the furniture.  No, it’s not a science project but, you should have an Associate open up cushions, flip over sofas, and pull out dresser drawers so you can see what the guts are made of.   Two pieces of furniture can look identical, sometimes even have the same name, and they can be completely different once you see what their components. This is why similar pieces may be different prices at different stores.  Again, a good Sales Associate will be able to help show you the differences.   

3. Room design and measurements.  Having your measurements handy will save you lots of time, help in the decision-making process, and ensure you select the right furniture for your space.  A good Sales Associate will be able to help you plan out your room and select the right pieces to fit your home. If you don’t have your measurements, a good Sales Associate will still be able to help you lay it out based on what you have.

4. Ideas and an open mind.  Furniture buyers have more options than ever as the furniture manufacturer’s compete for consumers diverse tastes and needs. Many living room and bedroom sets are offered in different colors and styles than what are displayed, and sectionals can even come modular (individually pieced) for the most versatility!  Once again, the good Sales Associates at The Mishawaka RoomPlace will be able to tell you about and possibly show you what isn’t on display and help you figure out the best option for you. 

5.  Available Stock, Fast Delivery.  Having available stock is a critical factor in the furniture world and the sooner an order is placed, the sooner merchandise gets assigned to you and the more likely you will get your furniture when you want it.  True, The RoomPlace is one of the most stocked furniture companies in the market and The Mishawaka RoomPlace guests are enjoying their furniture sooner than customers who buy elsewhere however, the longer you wait to place your order the more likely the merchandise could be out of stock.  Combine that with The RoomPlace’s 30-day price guarantee and you don’t have to waste another day living without the furniture of your dreams because if it goes on sale with us or at a competitor within 30 days after delivery, we will refund you the difference!

Stop by today and HAVE FUN furniture shopping!

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