Tips for Affordably Updating Your Living Room

Living rooms are places where families share fun times, watch movies and play games. But if your living room seems less than thrilling lately, these tips can help you update and regain its appeal.

Many times all a room needs is a fresh coat of paint. Changing colors can reclaim a room’s excitement. Stenciling is also an affordable way to decorate walls or ceilings without the expense of wall paper and adds a whole level of charm unmatched by just paint alone.

The Zora CollectionAdding color accents to a room can breathe new life into spaces that are too familiar. Try adding a few throw pillows in bright colors and textures to accent chairs and couches. If you’re feeling artistic, you can even stencil plain pillow covers to refresh existing pillows for a whole new look. Replacing window coverings or installing sheers is another inexpensive way to invite eyes to look toward outdoor views instead of only at the fireplace or home entertainment unit.

Another affordable way to change your living room is to add new coffee and end tables. Tables are great accessories to hold lamps and other decorative furnishings without having to break the bank on new living room furniture.

Of course, if your living room set has seen better days, and it is time to buy new furniture, then we can help you meet your household budget with complete room sets to update and renew your living space. Visit one of our 23 stores today to learn more.

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