Make a Statement with Yellow for Your Design Palette

The Metropolis Peat Collection  |  Accent ChairIf you ask 10 people what they think of when they consider the color yellow, many will say it brings thoughts of summer time, flowers and sunshine. There will always be a few in any crowd who only see a yellow taxi cab or school bus. When using yellow as a decorating or accent color, it is important to remember how others may respond to its use in your home design.

Yellow is a bright, cheery color that also creates calming and soothing environments. When choosing it for walls in your home, make sure to keep pale shades in mind. If the paint shade is too yellow, it will make the room too bright and take away from every other furnishing in the room. When deciding between paint swatches from your local paint or hardware store, also remember that paint always dries one shade darker.

Because yellow walls work best in natural lighting, choose a location in your home that has lots of windows, and pair the color with items in complementing shades such as blue or teal. When coordinating yellow walls with furnishings, a nice contrast is the use of accent chairs with stripes to bring out the dazzling design. Our Metropolis Peat Collection accent chair would make a wonderful accompaniment to yellow painted walls.

The Malibu Collection  |  7 Pc. Queen Bedroom w/ Two NightstandsWhite bedroom furniture such as our Malibu Collection in queen and king bedroom furniture sets also pairs well with pale yellow walls and will add a touch of sophistication and relaxation to bedtime retreats.

Be sure to visit us online or in any of our store locations where our experience furniture professionals can help you with color and design selections for your entire home.

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