Organic-Inspired Style Perfect for City Dwellers!

Are you looking for bedroom furniture in Chicago?  Visit The RoomPlace! We have multiple bedroom furniture packages for any size bedroom or studio.  Inspired by the passion of city dwellers, our Midtown collection, modern bedroom furniture sets, truly stands out. With its organic finsih and simple design, this bedroom has instant eye-appeal. MIDTWON

The entire set has a very open and airy look to it. The low form of the bed frame is perfect for urban apartments or condominiums. The bed frame, headboard, and chest all have open storage areas where you can place trinkets or small accent pieces. Decorating Tip: when decorating with the Midtown contemporary bedroom, less is more. With its low key style, stay simple. Try a cool, lamp or wooden chair with clean lines. Use real or faux plants to complement the natural and organic colors of the wood finish. Have fun with it!

In terms of storage, this piece has loads of it. The drawers on the chest, dresser and nightstands are all very deep and wide. You won’t ever find yourself wishing for more storage. Come into The RoomPlace today and take a firsthand look at the Midtown bedroom – perfect for any modern home decor. One of our favorite bedroom furniture sets for sale at The RoomPlace. You’ll immediately fall in love with it!

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