A Little Taste of Heaven with Eternity Power Recliners

Power ReclinerSo why use the term “eternity” in our Eternity Collection power recliner? It’s simple really. Mainly because the seat is so comfortable you’ll want to spend an eternity wrapped in its plush cushy softness. With the added power of motorization, smooth therapeutic reclining is as fast as a click of a button.

Power recliners are becoming more popular as families seek to create the ultimate in home entertainment for their living and family rooms. The Eternity power recliner can be clustered in groups of two to four chairs to offer movie style seating with more comfort than cinema seats while also giving family members the advantage of luxurious leather seating when viewing a favorite movie or TV show.

A personal home theater can be an affordable reality by placing these chairs in a dark room with heavy block out drapes and dark painted walls. Just add a big screen TV and surround system along with some popcorn and drinks. Family night will never be the same again!

Strong frame construction built from hardwood offers quality of design made to provide long lasting support, and without any gaps between the footrest and seat, this reclining chair offers the full seating support found in traditional chaise lounge styling. Chestnut leather covers each area the body touches and is easy to clean with soap and water or upholstery cleaner.  The back on this contemporary chair is removal to make moving through small hallways and around corners a snap.

With IL furniture stores in locations throughout the greater Chicago area as well as Indianapolis, Indiana, you’ll be sure to find just the right recliner to meet all your home decorating needs.

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