Relax in Comfort & Style with the Jazzi Chaise!

Sit in one of these leather Chaise lounges and you won’t want to get up! TheJazzi Chaise is tailored to conform around your body so that you receive maximum Jazzi Chaisecomfort. Aside from being one of the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in, the Jazzi Chaise sports another unique feature; the ability to listen to your music through your furniture!

Compatible with MP3 players, DVD players, blu-ray players, TV and other electronics, the options for music and media are endless.There are two speakers located at the top of the chair. The sound quality is top notch so that you can enjoy theatre-like experience every time.  For a more private performance, plug your headphones directly into the chair and enjoy your favorite music or movie as you relax in style. The controls are extremely easy to handle. There are two knobs that adjust the overall volume and bass and an easy touch on / off button.

Available in red and black leather, the Jazzi Chaise will fit in with any living room style that you like. Don’t delay! Head into your local The RoomPlace store today and ask one of our experts to tell you more about the Jazzi Chaise. This will be the most comfortable chair that you own!   

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