The RoomPlace in Mishawaka, Indiana Makes Mattress Shopping Simple and Easy for Michigan and Indiana residents!

For anyone who isn’t in furniture, mattress shopping is daunting; so many choices for what seem to be the same product.  I know this because until 6 months ago, I wasn’t in furniture.  How do you make heads or tails of the differences and how do you select the right one for you?  Well, here at The RoomPlace in Mishawaka, we’ve figured it out and mattress shoppers are experiencing the difference!   Whether it’s a good pillowtop mattress or a new latex or memory foam mattress, The Mishawaka RoomPlace is your neighborhood bedding store!Mattresses

It all starts with knowing your mattress options are from, well-known mattress manufacturers.  The RoomPlace carries two:  Simmons and Tempur-Pedic.  It’s no coincidence that they are also rated as two of the best brands on the market!  The RoomPlace offers the best mattresses at the lowest price so you are assured the most mattress for the money, regardless of how much you want to spend! 

The RoomPlace in Mishawaka also understands that narrowing mattress options is key to keeping mattress shopping fun and ensuring you choose the best mattress for you.  So, we’ve created the "Mattress Test Drive” which is a convenient four-mattress area where we demonstrate the four basic types of mattresses; memory foam, latex, cushion, and pillow-top all at similar prices.   

Once we help you determine which type of mattress you prefer, our knowledgeable mattress associates can easily show you the best memory foam, latex, cushion, or pillowtop mattress for you that falls in line with your budget.  It’s simple, fun, and with the best mattress at the lowest price an easy way to ensure you buy the right mattress for you!

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