Stylish Furniture for Children

We all know that buying furniture for children is far from easy. You have to find the right design, look, size and price.  Luckily, there is the Harley bedroom collection. Classy and stylish, this collection will stay with your child through their growing years without ever feeling outdated or out of style. Harley Bedroom

The Harley bedroom set, available at Chicago Illinois furniture stores The RoomPlace, offers a curved backboard and mirror design.  Available in twin and full size, the bed will last your child into their late teenage years (if not later). It has a low form for easy access, but is still off the ground, which keeps the room dirt and dust-free. 

Made from hard wood and cherry-veneer, this bedroom offers solid back support and long-lasting durability. Sleep experts have found that good sleep for children and young adults is almost as important as diet and exercise for their overall growth. A quality bed means no back or neck problems and uninterrupted sleep. 

Does your child have more toys than storage?  Thankfully, the Harley bedroom has plenty of storage. The dresser, nightstands and chest all have very spacious drawers. The desk and hutch are also great ways to keep everything neat and organized in their room.  

Hurry in to your local RoomPlace stores today and let our experts show you more about this fabulous piece. The up-to-date look of the Harley Bedroom Kids Furniture will make it a favorite with your children for years to come!

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