Dining with the Family

The dining table, whether placed in a formal Dining Room, a “Great Room” or as an extension of the kitchen, looms large as an iconic part of family life.

Whether you’re a family of two or eight, memories are made over the truly shared experience of family dining. Be it a dinette or a dining room set, facing each other at a special place to share a meal leads to closer connections and a better understanding of each other.

Thanksgiving, Birthdays, all sorts of holidays…Everything seems more personal and friendly over the family dining table.

Family dining options come in many shapes and sizes…Casual, Formal, and with seating options from “Tea for Two” on up. Roomplace provides many ways to create a special place for family dining in your home.

Don’t need a whole Dining Room? The Roomplace furniture stores can provide pieces to fill out your family dining space. Individual Tables, arm and/or side chairs, buffets and china cabinets are all available as individual pieces and we can scale your dining furniture to your specific space needs.

Entertaining your friends and family is an important function for dining spaces to fulfill, and your style will help set the tone for celebrations for years to come.

Make your family dining space as individual and exciting as you are. Check out for all the ways you can make mealtime as stylish as the rest of your life.  The Malorie Dining set below is a great option for casual family dining.

Malorie Dining Set

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