Why Choose a Microfiber Sectional Sofa

With microfiber material increasing in popularity for furniture upholstery, many of our customers want to understand just what the fuss is all about concerning this durable fabric.
Microfiber is composed of extremely thin fibers of polyester that are about 100 times finer than human hair. The thinner the fiber used in the weaving of this fabric, the denser it becomes.  Because of this high density, most microfiber covered furniture is extremely durable and has the supple feel of suede leather. It is also lightweight in loft offering breath-ability unmatched in other fabrics and is highly recommended as a fabric for those who suffer from allergies.

Mustang 10 Pc. Sectional PackageThis manmade fabric is well known for its easy maintenance. It does not need a lot of chemicals to keep clean. Cleaning is as simple as using mild dish or laundry soap and water to blot up dirt and stains. For stronger cleaning needs, the fabric can be steam cleaned, and to remove lint, a simple sticky lint roller or vacuuming will do the trick.

Many furniture makers use cloth backing for suppleness that adds to wrinkle resistance and elegant draping in the design. The best armchairs and swivel chairs for living room seating are constructed using microfiber. Their lush softness just makes you want to sink into its cozy comfort to enjoy nights at home in front of the television or visiting with friends and family.

The RoomPlace offers living and family room seating such as the microfiber sectional sofa and reclining chairs in all of our 23 showroom locations in Illinois and Indiana. Visit us to experience the comfort of microfiber furniture for yourself.

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