Kids Bedroom Furniture

Every mother wants her child to have a playful, age-appropriate, and well-organized bedroom. But, children grow so quickly that it’s often difficult to decide which furnishings to choose. Here are a few tips from The Roomplace for choosing a child’s bedroom furniture, and decorating a child’s bedroom.

Bed, Dresser and Nightstand: When selecting major pieces for your child’s bedroom, it’s important to consider your child’s present and future needs. After all, bedroom furniture is a major purchase, and should be designed to last for years.

For example, selecting a well-constructed, full-size bedroom furniture set which will bring years of enjoyment is often a better long-term value than choosing a toddler bed or other cartoon character-themed items which your child will likely outgrow within a few years. In addition, classic furniture styles with neutral wood finishes will accommodate many decorating themes, and your child’s changing preferences over the years.

When selecting a child’s bed, don’t forget about the possibility of hosting sleepovers with friends! A trundle bed provides a comfortable place for a friend to settle in, and can be neatly tucked out-of-sight when not in use.

Accessories: After selecting major furnishings, you’ll want to add the finishing touches to your child’s bedroom by bringing in fun accessories that express their unique personality. Accessories can be easily changed as your child grows and changes, so they provide a great way to bring in their favorite characters, animals, and television shows. Don’t forget a small lamp for reading bedtime stories, and a nightlight to scare away any fear of the dark.

Storage: When choosing furniture and accessories for your child’s bedroom, look for items with shelves and built-in storage compartments. Bins and baskets added to a simple bookcase make great places for storing and organizing blocks, toys, dolls, and books.

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