A little lighting can go a long way

Home lighting brightens more than just a surface. Lights and overhead lighting emphasizes home design elements, adds warmth to rooms and creates its own visual that is interesting to the eye.  Experts say that lighting is just as important as the furniture it illuminates when it comes to bringing a room together.

Home lighting isn’t just about the light bulb – It’s about brightness, contour, shading and impact. There are two main types of interior light: direct and indirect. Direct lighting refers to overhead fixtures and ceiling lights, while indirect, or ambient, lighting includes desk, table and floor lamps. When thinking about ambient lighting consider the mood you want for your room and how that will impact your house. Do you want to create a darker, dreamier (think candle-lit) space or a living room that has a lot of lighting. Whatever option you prefer, home decor lighting will generate great reactions from your guests and family. 

The importance of well-positioned ambient lighting from table lamps and floor lamps comes from their mobility. Different shades of lighting also play off the color schemes around rooms enriching deep jewel tones and softening bright pastels. For instance, a table lamp with a generous cream lampshade casts a warm pool of light perfect for a reading corner.  One design tip to follow if you live in a tight space is to use more lighting. Rooms that are full of light appear larger to the eye. Be trendy and practical.  For example, check out the On Demand floor lamp that is both extremely stylish and very practical. The dimmer allows you to control how much light comes into the room and ultimately lets you choose how your sofas, armoires and entertainment centers really shine.  A little light can go a long way to enhance the appearance of a room.

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