Finesse and Functionality of Modern Furniture Design

The appealing style of modern furniture complements today’s interior design choices. The contemporary styling offers crisp, clean lines that are relaxing while also being functional at the same time.

modern bedroom furnitureMany modern bedrooms are created with green living in mind by those conscious of producing ecologically sound furniture with construction materials having the least impact on the environment. Modern furniture design also appeals to those favoring European and Italian styling that harmonizes finesse with functionality.

While some modern bedroom furniture is still made from solid wood, furniture manufacturers have used material ingenuity to create customized designs from plastic, glass, steel and chrome. The use of alternative materials has created furniture that is lightweight, damage resistant and less expensive than its solid wood counterparts. Modern materials have also been treated for soil and water resistance so the durability of modern furniture is further enhanced, which is especially important for families with young children.

The RoomPlace offers modern bedroom sets in a variety of different styles including the platform bed, poster beds and storage bed sets. Because our store specializes in total room design, each showroom offers a complete room design to choose matching pieces of bedroom furniture. Shoppers can expect to find modern beds coupled with armoires, shelving as well as nightstands, chests and desks. We also offer a full line of modern living room and dining room pieces to complement every décor. With 23 locations, everyone is sure to find a range of colors and brands to suit individual styling preferences.

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