Modern Day Chests Provide Space Saving Storage

The Jackie CollectionMany families still maintain the tradition of a hope chest for their little girls. Handed down from generation to generation, the hope chest stores valuable gifts from friends and family given during the childhood years to be included in the girl’s trousseau upon her marriage. 

In this modern age, some families still keep this tradition, but unfortunately, the modern chest has lost yesteryear’s romantic past. Most chests nowadays consist of simple wardrobes, armoires and dressers for storing undergarments and accessories.

Typically, shoppers will find that bedroom sets come complete with a matching bedroom dresser or some sort of chest. Dressers are very convenient for holding lingerie and nightwear for ladies; whereas the modern chest of drawers is more commonly used by men for underwear, shirts and short pants. 

Matching armoires can usually be found for bedroom sets; however, they are not usually included in the set and must be purchased separately. Armoires can be used for clothing just like dressers and chests, but many furniture makers have started to offer television armoires for use in the bedroom and living room. They offer elegant styling in the bedroom while also hiding away televisions when not in use.

Bedroom furniture wardrobes can help with storage needs particularly in homes that have few closets. Perfect for holding additional clothing, sheets or towels, the wardrobe is a valuable addition to homes needing additional storage space.

Chests are a valuable addition for the bedroom. We offer them in a variety of styles and finishes for your decorating needs.

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