Art Deco Furniture Inspires Abby Dinette Set Design

Abby 5 Pc. DinetteArt deco furniture is based on designs popular from the 1920s during which time its bold lines and curves seemed trendy and innovative for the turn of the century. The Roaring Twenties, as this time was called, were full of cries for modernity and change, and this type of art design was inspired by Paris styling that took the world by storm prior to World War II.

In today’s marketplace, art deco furniture is seen as retro and hip. Its simplicity of design and sturdy construction provide elegance to homes. What passes as modern furniture today is often actually art deco styling created by furniture makers seeking to marry the clean, distinctive lines of art deco reminiscent of the past with our own modern furniture movement of this millennium.

Our Abby dinette sets demonstrate perfectly the influence of art deco on modern decor. This dining room set features a tempered glass top table supported by a lacquer table base in a crisscrossed design.  The chrome angled legs branching from the bold curving chairs covered in faux leather provide a new interpretation of this modernistic styling. The Abby dining table set includes matte finished chairs and choice of either white or black lacquer bases. The sets are available in five or seven piece sets or may be purchased separately. This set will really impress those wishing to create an elegant modern look to their formal dining rooms.

To see the Abby dinette set or other art deco and modern furniture that will make your home’s design shine, visit one of our 23 stores today.

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