Creating Warm and Inviting Guest Rooms

Nothing is more welcoming to visitors than coming to stay at your home and feeling a warm radiance in the guest room you prepare for them.

When preparing a guest room for arrival of guests, a bed centered along one wall will provide a main focal point for the room. A queen size mattress makes a practical choice especially for couples. Wood brings warmth and character unmatched by other materials so choosing bedroom furniture constructed of solid wood will ensure that it will be durable enough for guests. Bedside tables framing both sides of the bed provides a convenient place for lamps as well as small items guests may want easily accessible like glasses, cards and spare change.

The Richton CollectionEarthy muted tones for walls give a room a relaxed look and feel.  Since you want guests to feel at home, the colors blending with each other provides consistency in the design as well as a relaxed atmosphere. Pulling one or two accent colors from design fabrics can tie all design elements together.  Soft comforters, cushy pillows and silky drapes in matching coordinated fabrics will complement casual bedroom furniture and provide a homey feeling to the room.

A brand new looking, too perfect room can make guests feel uncomfortable and afraid to disturb anything in the room. Avoid the fussiness of making the room look too expensive or modern. Keep the room casual so guests can relax fully and feel like they are home. The RoomPlace has 22 locations to help you provide quality comfortable bedroom furniture for your guests. Visit us today!

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