Counter Height Dining Sets Great Additions for Kitchen Dining

Counter height dining room sets are fast becoming popular in homes today to save space Brandy Counter Height Tableand add stylish design to kitchens and dining rooms. These tables are extra tall and similar in height to bar tables and stools.

Homeowners enjoy adding this furniture to kitchens as they do not take up as much space as a regular casual dining room set yet they still provide the same amount of seating. Kitchen nooks and bay window openings are the perfect spot for counter dining sets. Whether one or two family members want to enjoy an early breakfast or the whole clan for a family dinner feast, these tables provide lots of eating room without taking up a lot of width.

These sets typically come in five, seven and nine pieces with four, six or eight chairs and a table. Their height measures anywhere from 35 to 36 inches tall with the table itself coming in round, square or rectangle shapes. Some even offer a bench seat in lieu of some of the chairs, which can make seating large families an easy task. In sets with more stools than family members, many families will take the extra stools to use at kitchen counters for breakfast or den bars for drinking and casual dining.

For larger gatherings, some of the sets also include a leaf that expands the width of the table to hold more place settings and serving platters. You can find these beautiful dining tables in our showrooms and online so be sure to visit one of locations to see our large selection.

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