Leather Characteristics to Consider When Buying Leather Furniture

Once you have decided to buy leather furniture, you may find there are a few other considerations necessary when actually shopping for leather to add to your home’s design. The quality of leather defines the furniture’s durability and how long it will last into the future so understanding more about the process can make all the difference when choosing between two different leather furniture pieces.

Leather furniture should be evaluated in a different way as compared to fabric covered sofas. Leather has unique characteristics inherent to the material that is part of its natural beauty. Even the best leather sofa will often have stretch marks or veining as well as wrinkles, scars or what is called in the industry, insect bites. These are distinctive markings that are not defects, but actually show the leather is genuine.

Mustang II 5 Pc. Sectional PackageAniline leathers are hides that have been dyed using aniline dyes. This permanent dye absorbs all the way through the leather without concealing any of the natural markings. It is closer to the hide’s natural state; whereas, semi-aniline is aniline dyed with slight pigmentation added for color consistency and some stain resistance. Protected leather is fully coated with protective pigments that help it to repel water and stains as well as making it easier to clean. Protected leather’s pigmentation hides some of the natural marks while pure aniline and semi aniline leathers always show more authentic leather markings. Knowing the differences in leather types will help you determine the best one for your needs.

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